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Our service is 100% free of charge and it connects you directly with up to 6 local bookkeeping and accounting companies which share our passion for start-ups and the issues that characterise newly established businesses.

Entrepreneurs and start-up activities have special needs and require special attention during the first years of business. Our partners understand this and are able to help you with detailed insight and advice.

4 simple steps - How it works!

  • Please send us a short description

    We would like to understand your business, your expectations and budget.
  • We call back in less than 10 minutes

    Please stay close to your phone and keep the line open. We respond quickly!
  • Up to 6 of our partners will contact you

    Talking to different people will bring you perspective and better understanding of your alternatives.
  • Feel free to ask any question

    There are no stupid questions - only the ones you ask too late. Ask them now, it will not cost you anything!
  • You should organise a meeting

    Meetings between people can change many things and will help you understand things better.
  • Different people offer different solutions

    You should work with professionals who understand your business and share your passion.
  • A good dialogue leads to good results

    A successful business relationship builds on trust and balanced expectations.
  • The balance between service and price

    Our clients typically agree that good chemistry creates good solutions and results!

Getting it right the first time!

A successful business relationship is founded on trust and chemistry. Our partners know this and will assist you with setting everything up and getting processes organised incl. bookkeeping, salaries, taxes and reporting.

Efficient and non-binding

We find qualified professionals in your area

The quickest online solution available in London

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Our service is fully sponsored and therefore 100% free and non-binding for our clients.

Phones are open from 9-17:

  020 7660 0669

Connect with 6 professionals in hours

We handpick the right people for you based on your actual needs and expectations.

Optimise your time and get a bespoke deal

Our partners have available resources and they offer you specifically tailored solutions.

Easy overview of services and quality

Compare local price levels and get the perfect understanding of each offer.

Reduce distance and collaborate locally

We focus our search for qualified partners in the exact area of your choice.

Benefits included

The Sibus platform was founded in 2014 and has since then assisted more than 5.000 clients. We aim at building trust between individuals and companies and focus on quality at fair prices.

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